About Us

It all started in 1997, with a simple desire to help the hungry. At the time, with the aid from my assistant we arranged groceries and food to help around 18 people. We put up a sign outside my office to urge people to join us and it was a huge success. Gradually, our little project grew into a pantry and soon enough, we were feeding almost four hundred people weekly. Now was the time to make things official with the Food Bank of New York. I worked my way upwards towards an agreement for giving free groceries and here we are today.
Presently, we operate fully from my food pantry in Queens and feed hundreds of low-income families regularly. My motivation has always been to help people get the sustenance they need as I believe no one should go to sleep on an empty stomach. And you can help.
With your donations, whether it’s money or groceries, we can reach more people and make sure more stomachs are fed.
Eating is a basic human necessity, but it is the most important one for survival. No human deserves to go hungry while people waste tons of food without concern. I aim to fix that with your help. Join our cause and let’s make a difference together.